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I had a friend visit me from Michigan not long ago. She said, “This place is like a vacation spot.” I thought maybe she was simply in vacation mode. But, this weekend I felt like that too, and I wasn’t on vacation. We ate at a restaurant we’d never tried before called Margaret’s Cantina which was fabulous and one of those experiences where if you were on vacation you’d say, “If we lived here, I’d eat here every day!” even though you know life doesn’t work that way. We saw a couple of movies, ate brunch at our favorite brunch place, listened to some live music at a very cool cafe tucked in the woods and layed out in the sun by the pool! We spent time with good friends and our daughter and I enjoyed running through Duke Forest. And truth be told, there was something better about this than vacation. We found most of these places over time and knew we were choosing our top picks. I’ve been on many vacations where you throw a dart and hope to hit a bullseye, but often don’t. We enjoyed the company of people we truly enjoy. And while it can be fun to meet new people while traveling, it’s nice to be with people who don’t need to start the conversation with, “so…what do you do?” And best of all, I don’t have travel fatigue now on Monday morning. What a deal.