January 1. I feel light. Like the joy of opening a fresh new journal. Clean slate. Possibilities. January 6. The journal is already messy. I’m realizing I haven’t fully committed to the good ideas for change I had on January 1 which means I’m nearly a week behind. I’m still considering whether I really do want to read a book a week. Whether I want to run a ½ marathon this year. Whether I can travel somewhere to enhance my Spanish. Whether I will change my eating habits, cook interesting food, join a book club, start playing my guitar again, connect more with friends, try bike commuting, find a community garden, journal daily, start freelance writing again and the list feels endless. I know common advice for starting any habit is to do it first thing in the morning to ensure you form a routine and avoid distractions. What I want to know is what time these people start work? Noon? I mean if I exercised for 45 minutes, wrote “morning pages” (Julia Cameron fans know what I mean), practiced my Spanish, played a little guitar, read 40 pages (the average amount needed to read a book a week), had a healthy breakfast, then fixed a healthy lunch…it would be nearly noon before getting to work. Given I don’t really want to work until 8 p.m. every night (nor would a late start be welcomed by my boss) that’s not going to work. So here I am…day 6 and still trying to figure out how to narrow it down and be realistic while also feeling frustrated that I’m losing time (yeah…I’m that type). I heard about a different kind of resolution-making called three words. I’m working on that idea, now. More soon.