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First tip: Trick yourself anyway you can. I can’t be the only one who goes to bed thinking “I’ll run in the morning,” and then wakes up in a warm, comfortable bed thinking I’d rather stick a needle in my eye. This morning, I laid in the quiet thinking, “Maybe I’ll run this afternoon, instead.” Instantly, my schedule flashed into my mind and I realized that was never going to happen. Then I considered postponing for a day, and realized the whole week was going to be tough for fitting in exercise. I then told myself I didn’t have to run far, or fast. Just a couple of miles. I reminded myself I had to take my dog outside for his business anyway…that the sun will be coming up and I imagined how pretty it will be. I thought about how nice it feels to start my work day with added energy and the relief that I’ve already done the run. Just two miles. I threw back the covers and slowly got dressed.

Second tip: Never make hard decisions when you’re in difficult terrain. I was on the steepest hill in my neighborhood, now a couple of miles in, trying to decide how long I would actually go. Would I hit my original target, or just take it easy and go home? I was breathing hard and my muscles were still a bit sore from the weekend’s run. For whatever reason, I decided not to decide yet. On the welcome downhill side, though, feeling much stronger, I convinced myself to take a side trail out and back that would add an extra mile.

The end result?  This morning, when I was sure I would roll over and go back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes, I actually made it up and out and completed five miles. A rarity for me. The most I’ve done before work in a very long time. How? I told myself any story that would actually get me started and I waited until I was feeling my strongest to decide how to finish.

So, trick yourself into getting started and make tougher decisions when you’re feeling your best. It worked for running and can work for other goals, too. How do you get moving?