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I wonder how many years we’ll spend trying to pursue simplification, a reduced footprint, different types of adventure (or wildness, as my 2010 resolution stated). The first year after moving here was spent transitioning. Learning the lay of the land. Figuring out important connections for routine needs related to health, our pet, car maintenance, shopping, etc.  Discovering where to recreate. Developing new friendships. We had two storage units, two cars and one apartment. In the second year, we slowly paired down looking toward a new kind of lifestyle for our second half. We now have no storage units (although we are temporarily borrowing some space from a friend) and only one car. We’ve sold a few bulkier items and made more decisions about what to eliminate. As we enter our third year here, we decided to move. It’s a little smaller place (more downsizing). And the main reason for this move is adventure. With no kids at home it’s easier to experiment. We’re moving to a place that’s central to a vibrant, small community with many more activities going on and more variety of options for walking, biking and taking public transit. It’s a small cluster of townhouses where there is a less transitory nature and where we’ve heard there is a sense of neighborliness and community. Something we simply haven’t experienced where we are. Even though I’ve been able to walk to work for two years, which has been a HUGE plus, I am ready to try something new and see if it helps us better define our desires for the next couple of decades. Which brings me back to wondering how many years this discovery process will take.  And whether we’ll get to a point where the pendulum swings back again. Either way…I’m enjoying the journey and that’s definitely worth something.