I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since my last post. A lot has happened since then, including the dissolution of lease #1–the place I described in my last couple of posts. However, even though it was stressful and only resolved itself at the very last minute, we found an even better place and have now been here one week. Still in the same general vicinity of the first place so the various “third places” I mentioned are still nearby. And…within the first day we had more people welcome us to the neighborhood and offer help than we had in two years at the former place. My hope for a deeper sense of community is ignited!

Moving was hard and a test of our downsizing efforts. We’ve improved but we have more to do. I continue be inspired by folks who are finding more freedom from owning less. A recent read was about a group of about 100 men and women who took the challenge to use only six items of clothing for a month (with exceptions like undergarments and swimwear). I’m not ready to skinny my closet down to six items, but it did get me to thinking about being more strategic in that department, which my husband will be happy to hear. I don’t think of myself as overzealous with clothes, but he likes to think like a minimalistic and has been challenging me to pare down. (He’s already ridiculously sparse so I can’t throw the challenge back his way.)  Moving is a great magnifying glass on the weight (literally and figuratively) of everything we keep.

So far, I’m happy with our new place and am hoping that being here will bring us closer to our goals of simple living and deeper relationships.  Stay tuned.