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A few quick thoughts from the first week of active commuting (more than two blocks):
1. I may need names for the deer family in my neighborhood. They’ve greeted me every morning.
2. Running with a bag…not so much. I think I’ll still incorporate a run here and there, but it’ll be after work or planned in advance so that I have clothes at work.
3. Bike commuting is more fun with friends but…definitely possible either way.
4. Coordinating a shared commute with coworkers who live less than 2 miles from me is harder than it sounds. Everyone is still interested…we just haven’t found a rhythm yet.
5. There are always good reasons not to make the active choice. Rain, time, fear, sore legs, laziness…but I want to make this work so I’m still committed to the experiment.
6. That said. The car is always an option. On day 4, I decided my legs hurt and I didn’t want to hate the new habit before the first week was over so I just drove to work. I tried (at the last minute) to convince coworkers to carpool (to reduce my guilt) but even without a taker, I just drove. It was way faster and easier. It was nice. And as I was driving home I was looking at the route and thinking about options for my next bike commute.