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I’m definitely an optimist. Glass half full kind of girl. Some might say I choose to exist in a semi-perpetual state of blissful ignorance by avoiding long discussions about how all industries are functioning on fraud and greed, the government is corrupt and the economy is about to hit new low. Predictions that in my lifetime knowing how to start a fire in the rain may trump educational degrees are not the kind of thing I want to hear.

I guess it could be funny if it weren’t so darn twisted. I mean I’ve spent the better share of my life fighting the traditional and often oppressive expectations of the woman as primarily the housemaid. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I don’t pride myself on creative meals or a beautifully themed house (not that I don’t appreciate them). Now’s a fine time to tell me that skills in cooking, sewing, gardening and building structures could make me more valuable than grant writing, managing projects, speaking well in public, facilitating group meetings. What the heck?

Maybe that’s why I like this week so much. Along with some humorous discourse about family dynamics when big “collaborative” meals are involved, this is a traditional time for many to pause and think about what’s gone well, what and who they care about and how truly good life can be…sitting around a table of warm, freshly prepared food and taking stock in what matters. And I am grateful for many things even in a year that’s been unusually difficult. I still have many reasons to be an optimist. And that’s a skill that will always be in demand. I’m positive of it!