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Perhaps I think too much. Every year I consider various hobbies or skills I’d like to incorporate more of in my life and the list from year to year tends to look a lot a like. For example, ask my family how long I’ve talked about learning Spanish and you might get an eye roll or two. Finally, in the last two years I actually started working on it (there’s a concept). Rosetta Stone, weekly classes, Spanish Word of the Day subscriptions, Spanish radio and films. I’m better than I was (not hard when starting from 0), but nowhere near an encouraging pace of gain. People tell me it will only happen when I can “immerse” myself in the culture (discouraging news). Then a recent Zen Habits post called “Simple Guide to Speaking Foreign Languages” simplified the idea…if you want to speak Spanish you have to (wait for it…) speak Spanish. Every day. For at least an hour. Which is nothing to sneeze at but is much more likely to happen than moving to Mexico. The point is, apparently, to get good at something you actually have to do it (duh!) I’m now looking for people who are game to plodding through a conversation with me in Spanish on a regular basis.

So I’m a quick study. Another goal of mine has long been to write more. Typically, my type A-ness gets tangled in thoughts like “But what’s my unique idea?” or “I must have a focused plan which includes a market analysis for whether or not my efforts will actually have an audience.” So…playing off of the above post I guess if I want to write more I have to (you guessed it) write more. And what do you know? WordPress recently issued a Post a Day challenge for 2011. I’m stepping on knowing that by setting the bar high I’ll certainly write more than if I simply wait for inspiration.

Okay…so here I go. To speak better Spanish I’m going to speak more in Spanish (this causes a bit of anxiety…but I’m pushing forward). And to write more, I’m going to write more, first with daily blogs and then we’ll see what else. I’d love to know if there’s anything you’ve been wanting to do that you could simplify down with this principle into just doing it. And…I’d greatly appreciate your feedback, encouragement and thoughts if anything I do write brings value to you.