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Yesterday I heard a new acronym I may start using. It’s GEPO– “Good Enough, Push On.” It’s akin to “Don’t let ‘perfect’ be the enemy of ‘good’.” I remember pairing up with a a grade school friend to build a seismometer in an after school program. We had a pretty good one built. It was actually measuring movement. But I could only focus on the imperfections and pushed to make modifications. I don’t remember all the details but I do remember the disappointment I caused us both when the changes resulted in an ineffective machine. If I had just called “GEPO” we’d have had a functioning seismometer, which in this case wouldn’t have made a bit of difference except that I wouldn’t have a “guilt story” to share with you today.

Seriously, though. I’ve spent many extra hours on projects worrying about minor improvements that cost way more time than they gained in added value. I’ve invested too much energy worrying about the”perfect gift” when it’s really the thought that counts. And as I noted yesterday, I’ve tried to gain the basics of the Spanish language always feeling I had to be more confident before I engaged people in conversation, which is clearly counter productive. The point is…and maybe it’s a mute point unless you’re a perfectionist-type like me, there’s a level of good that’s really that. It’s good. And it’s good enough so push on.