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As a wintry mix began to settle in and friends prepared to hunker down for the night in hopes of being stuck at home tomorrow, we put on our Michigan mindset and traveled 40 miles to meet our daughter and her fiancé for dinner. It may be January. There may be a winter advisory out. Schools may have been canceled since the morning before even a flake had hit the ground but our heads and hearts were focused on a (hopefully) much warmer night next summer when they will be married. And details needed sorting.  As one of only two groups in the restaurant, we sat and talked, discussed and laughed, listened and shared ideas. The coffee kept flowing. We could see the snowflakes getting bigger and falling faster out the window. But we’re all from the north and the weather never interrupted our conversation. The snow might cancel classes, close stores, prevent deliveries, cause a run on wine and bread but it couldn’t freeze plans to ensure a memorable event celebrating the union of two extraordinary people.

There are lots of storms to get through in life, too. Some which never fully come to fruition but cause a lot of panic. Some which do come and chill us to the bone. No matter what the kind, I prefer to draw close to people I love and be warmed by a shared hope. Hope and anticipation for another day coming that will be a new beginning. Like a wedding in July.