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  1. Sleeping in. Tomorrow will be the first day I haven’t needed the alarm in 14 days. Too long. I love waking up quietly in a toasty warm bed.
  2. My new phone. I can tell you the temperature (and when a storm is coming) anytime, check my email and do a Google search while riding on the bus. (I did that today, how cool is that?)
  3. Pilates. I recently got hooked at the gym and I love feeling like I’ve unhitched myself. I actually feel taller and looser when I’m done.
  4. Friendship.  This week two friends ran with me, one went with me to learn about a new non-profit, another promised to join me as I formed a new habit and yet another prompted me to try something totally new (details to come in future blogs).
  5. Silence. I can’t stand certain noises. The drone of windshield wipers, dripping faucets, drumming fingers, tapping pens. I love music, hearing birds sing, the sound of laughter (especially the known laughs of good friends and family). But when I’m tired, stressed, waking up, reading, writing or (in other seasons) sitting on my back porch looking at the trees and breathing in the fresh air….aaahhh, the silence.

What do you love?