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One of my friends is involved in a super creative concept called “Marry Durham”. Durham, NC that is. Volunteer “wedding planners” are organizing a “family-friendly event intended to promote citizen engagement in Durham, celebrate Durhamites’ love for their quirky little town, and raise funds for five great non-profits in our community!” They’re going to host a huge event where people can affirm their commitment to the city followed by a grand a party with local food and dancing in the streets!

Gotta love that!

…and the way they present the idea. “Maybe it happened at a local restaurant, at the Durham Farmers’ Market, or on Third Friday in an art gallery. Maybe it happened while you were shopping in south Durham, celebrating at a street festival, or while hiking along the Eno River…all of a sudden you realize you’re in love….Well, if you love Durham so much then why don’t you marry it?”

It’s really about the need for residents to be involved with and support their city so that it thrives. None of this “I hope they make it” statements for this group. My two favorite Q&A’s from their website.

Q: Where can we go for therapy if things start to fall apart?
A: City Hall and the Ballot Box.

Q: I love Durham, but can’t we just live together?

A: Durham depends on its citizens’ commitment to sustain the creative and innovative energy pulsing through this city. We only ask that you commit to nourishing this community as it continues to bloom.

I won’t be marrying Durham. They want monogamy and I need to be married to the city I live in for the same reasons they want Durhamites to commit to Durham. But I’ll be sending wishes for a strong and lasting relationship for all those who take the vows. And I wish more people were this creative at promoting civic engagement.