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Books. I absolutely love them! Seriously. I love holding them in my hand. I love turning the pages and seeing the balance shift from left to right as I near the end. I love underlining passages, handing books I love to others and reading their picks so we can talk afterward. I love paperbacks and hard cover. There’s a certain size book I love best, although I can’t say why. I love the atmosphere of bookstores and seeing books of every genre and topic neatly organized throughout the store. I love the smell of a freshly printed book newly opened.

And yet, I am fascinated with electronic readers. I love the concept of being able carry a library of reading options with me anywhere I go. How easily I could fit something so slim and portable in my purse and always have a book or newspaper to fit my mood for those unexpected reading moments (waiting for an appointment or a friend or riding the bus). I love the idea of instant gratification when I want a new read…just download and go. I love the idea of saving trees and the environment by eliminating the printing, transporting and storing processes. I’ve talked to a few people who have them and seem to love them.

Still, I can’t quite go there. As much as it aligns with my sense of values in many ways, it also counters others. Technology is so all consuming. We live and breathe by the battery, the bandwidth, the brightness of the screen. There’s something so simple and elegant about the printed word. And how would I share a book I just read on my handheld gizmo? How would I look at the creative designs of book covers and bindings on the shelves in my home? There’s something so appealing about a book on my nightstand. I would miss that. I know it’s not an either or…but still…I can’t quite invest in one more “thing” that needs updating.

Maybe I just don’t have enough information to decide. I’d love your opinion!!!