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Enjoying the moment is an art, apparently. A lost art. And standing in the moment with others, sharing their excitement for the present stage they’re in might be an archeological rarity. You know the routine. You’ve been dating someone for awhile and people start asking “when are you getting engaged?” Then you make the big announcement and it’s instantly “Have you set the date?” And before you’ve barely walked down the isle, “When are you starting a family?” I remember thinking, “Hello…can I have two seconds to adjust to THIS thing first?” It’s like a twisted game of leapfrog.

Well, it’s been a long time since people wondered about our next steps in family planning so I thought this crazy business was behind me. But no! I’m now learning that this time-worn tradition is never outdated. My daughter recently got engaged. We’re enjoying wedding planning. I’m accepting a new identity to come, mother (um) in-law. And suddenly, people are saying, “You’re going to be a grandma, soon!”

What?! I am? Do they know something I don’t? I mean I know news on Facebook travels fast but I think I’d be among the first to know if she were pregnant. NO…I am NOT going to be a grandma soon so don’t throw that term around so loosely.  Right now I have a daughter getting married okay? There are plenty of special moments to savor in this stage so I’ll kindly thank you to just delight in them with me. And when the time does come (eventually), it’ll be good and right and I’ll be excited to share the news with you. Just as long as you don’t bring up the word “great-grandmother!”