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Traveling is always a great reminder of a simple truth in life. The sun is always shining, even when we can’t see it. Several times I’ve had the experience of leaving on a cloudy, gloomy day. Sitting on the airport runway looking out the tiny window at gray skies I try to resist absorbing the dreariness all around me. Then, the airplane lifts off and rises above the clouds where, without exception, the sun is shining and my mood instantly lifts. Sometimes the plane’s position allows the sun’s rays to shine through my window and I am instantly warmed.

I try to remember this experience when I am going through a period of darkness in life (or even just a low day). It may feel like the challenges are endless, but I know, from previous trials that there is an end. The light will pierce through again if I keep my head up and my feet moving forward…through the clouds and into the warmth.