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Blizzard spreads snowy shroud over nearly half the U.S. but today I rode my bike to work. In a dress (which I’ve never done). I’ve been a wimp all winter and not forced myself to adapt to the changing season and continue riding as it got colder and turned dark earlier. I have no excuse. Winter riding here doesn’t involve getting studded snow tires for the bike, wearing snow pants and six layers of clothing. It’s cold and you do have to bundle, or so my dedicated bike commuting coworker tells me, but there’s generally no ice or snow on the roads to contend with.

Today was a blip in the weather pattern here. But instead of two feet of snow we had mid-60 degree weather. When I woke up and realized the temperature, I pumped up my tires, rummaged through my closet to find my helmet, bike pants and pannier bag, pulled on the bike pants under a floral patterned dress, put on my helmet and some black wedge shoes and out I went. Amazing. I work with people all over the country, talking daily to people in different time zones. It makes the country feel small to me, but clearly that’s not always so. Some people were immobilized by the weather today but I was freed by it.  Perhaps, as the daysman says, there are ways to enjoy whatever weather you’re struck by. Today, I enjoyed mine jumping back on a bike.