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A friend of mine recently made an announcement I found extremely inspiring. She and her husband decided to “radically simplify and travel the world indefinitely.” How cool is that? In the next two months they will be getting rid of everything except a few heirlooms and treasured items that they’ll store with family. They’ll be traveling with only a small backpack each and for this courageous willingness to disentangle from their material possessions, they’ll first see Costa Rica, then travel across the country visiting family and friends. Eventually, they’ll pause for a respite in Puerto Rico. Aahhh.  In the short time since they’ve made their announcement, they’ve had offers to join friends or follow business opportunities around the world so who knows what could change or happen. If you’re intrigued, follow their journey on her blog.

I find this SO refreshing and motivational. I’ve experienced the weight of stuff, especially over the last couple of moves. We’ve vowed to reduce, but it’s been very incremental. It’s HARD to disentangle. It’s emotional to let go of things which are entwined with our self-identity. (I’m a student of life, look at my books. I’m an artist, look at my camera, my journals.) Things that we believe are necessary to tell our story (photos, trip souvenirs). Things that were acquired with emotion and sentiment, that came with a sense of obligation to show our appreciation to the giver by forever displaying (and maintaining and moving from place to place).

It’s not uncommon to wish for more travel, to wish for more freedom, for more adventure. It is uncommon to prioritize in a way that makes those dreams happen. I’m going to be following Crystal’s journey closely. I’m excited to learn from her and find significant ways to lighten up, release my hold on things and follow my dreams. Thanks Crystal!