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Everyday I hear talk about reviving the economy. Here’s one great way to be part of the solution, sell a car. Of course, you have to live where it’s possible to own one less car. Or make choices about lifestyle. Or advocate for a more walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly community. Or all of the above. It’s worth thinking about. One of the big draws for me in choosing to move here was the opportunity to experience living where I had more travel options. This morning I rode with a friend to the pool for an early morning swim and then caught a (free) bus from near the pool to the development where I work. Yesterday I ran home. I plan to bike commute at least one or two trips this week. It takes extra planning, but I love the options and the savings. Not to mention the built-in stealth exercise. The graphic above reminds me that I’m supporting the local economy as well. I love the saying that a great solution solves many problems. Seems to me we’ve found one of those solutions.