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It’s a Sunday afternoon and after messing with my small box garden a bit, I’m sitting on our back screened in porch. I hear the sound of a small airplane overhead for a moment and I wonder if they are headed out for business or pleasure. Otherwise the day is quiet except for the variety of bird sounds as they energetically chirp back and forth, apparently encouraged by the warming weather too. The wind occasionally moves the brown, brittle leaves still left dangling from the trees. The sky is filled with big white clouds breaking up the blue expanse.

I am soaking up this time to rest and reflect on the week past and the week ahead. To read for pleasure…to ignore our big picture project because it’s just too nice to sit inside. This moment of quiet, of time standing still even for a few hours reminds me of the importance of rest, of unscheduled time that allows me to soak in the beauty of a gorgeous day. I’m learning how to leave more space for myself, enabling spontaneity.

In years past, I didn’t always have the luxury of making that choice. Raising kids while working full-time while going back to school or any number of our past scenarios made it hard to leave space and I developed the habit of filling my time (efficiency, you know). My husband is a good balance for me that way and in this latest stage of life I am appreciating the value of doing nothing now and then. I sometimes have to kick against the protestant “stay busy” work ethic to be successful at this. But not today. Today it’s easy to breathe deeply. There’s no kicking, just kicking back.