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The Oscars were on last night. Who are you wearing and all of that. I didn’t watch it. Not to make any kind of social point about entertainment, overpaid movie stars or anything like that. It was simply because we don’t have cable. And we don’t have cable because we don’t have a flat screen T.V. And we don’t have a flat screen because when we moved here, we sold our super heavy  T.V. (it had lead tubes) which was bulky. In our downsizing mode, space is at a premium so we decided not to replace it until we could get a slimmer profile. Apparently, it’s not the first thing on our “must buy” list because we haven’t bought it, yet. It must not be the second thing either, actually.

Anyway, we did this once before. The kids were young and our T.V. stopped working. We decided not to repair or replace and for several years we simply didn’t have one. It was, in our opinion, a critical time for development and we wanted them to read more, play outside, use their imaginations. And I really don’t think they minded much…well except for that one time when a test question was missed because it had to do with a current television show they’d never heard of. There were some words over that, I remember.

And I’m not missing it now, either. Without it we forgot that our friends were likely watching the Oscars last night when we tried to coordinate a spontaneous Skype date. Impressively, they ignored their set and we spent an hour catching up and laughing over life. We were in PJ’s and sweats so nobody was nominated for “best dressed.” The computer cameras weren’t state of the art so no awards for “best picture”.  On the other hand, the dialogue was witty, creative and fun. The character development was rich from years of interaction, evident in the hour-long conversation. And finally, and maybe most importantly, the touch point at the end of a great weekend with our good friends of nearly 25 years was its own “special effect.” And, I would nominate them any day for best supporting roles. Who needs T.V.?