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Japan is certainly on the minds and hearts of many right now. So much destruction. Whole communities wiped out; the enormous mess is overwhelming. The human loss, deeply tragic. I watch the footage in awe of the immeasurable force of nature that changed everything for people there in an instant. And as I grieve for their suffering,I am struck again by how little stuff matters. How little most things we stress about matter.  How people are searching not for their recently purchased iPad 2 but for their family and friends. It’s about relationships. Relationships matter. So little else does.

Today I was looking around our house at our simplifying process (i.e. stacks of stuff we’re sorting) and feeling overwhelmed. In light of the incredible disaster across the ocean, though, I feel validated that this is the right thing to do. Less stuff will mean less time dealing with it and more time for what really matters. And time with people we love is clearly a precious thing. May it not take a tsunami to remind us of that.