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Tomorrow is little Friday. That’s what some friends of mine call Thursday. I like that term better than hump day for Wednesday. Or Moanday for Monday. Little Friday sounds, I don’t know, hopeful. I guess because we associate Friday with the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend and in our current culture, that means fun.

Here’s the thing. I like my job. I enjoy the actual work, the people I spend time with in the office and those I serve through my work. I believe the work we do together is important and fosters a stronger sense of community and (when done well) social justice. I am learning a lot and am challenged to think about how to deepen our collective impact.

Still, I truly enjoy the weekends. It’s when I discover other sides of my life. It’s when I spend more time with my husband and extended friends. It’s when I can turn a longer run into a social visit. When I can kayak a new body of water. I have time to garden or read a book or sleep in or go to bed late. On Friday I think about all the things I want to do over the weekend, half of which I’d be lucky to squeeze into just two days. And with this new stage of life without kids living at home, the weekends are truly decadent. It’s all about what we want to do for a change. So yes, bring on little Friday! The weekend’s almost here!