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For the last couple of weeks it’s been go, go, go. Work has been part of it. But much of my busyness has been self-induced. It’s nice to be in the stage of life where I can be more spontaneous with friends or my adult children when they ask if we want to get together. Today, though, I finally slept in (first time in about two weeks) and started the day slowly. I did laundry, hanging it outside for that amazing fresh air smell. I rode my bike with two friends and enjoyed the smell of freshly cut grass, laundry drying, and someone’s delicious lunch wafting through the air. I heard children laughing, cyclists pedaling past me, lawn mowers and cows mooing in their pasture. I spent time planting a new garden bed and experienced joyful anticipation of fresh food to come. Several neighbors were out and we had spontaneous conversations on the pathway. It’s been a fabulous spring day with the sun out and the temperatures reaching 70 for the first time in a while. I  soaked in every minute of the day spent doing whatever felt right in the moment. And I was reminded again that having a full schedule not only reduces the probability of responding well to others, it also lessens the opportunity to  rejuvenate myself by being present in the moment and responding to my own internal signals which tell me what is needed for health.  Days like this are so good for the soul. And they don’t happen unless I intentionally leave space for them. I need to appreciate an empty calendar day more and more often.