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It’s the small stuff that sometimes makes the biggest impressions. This morning I went swimming with a friend at our local pool. I’ve really started to enjoy time in the water, learning new ways to breathe (something that could come in handy for life actually). I’m getting the routine down. She picks me up in the morning, we swim, then I catch a bus to work. This morning, though, as she was driving me to the closest bus stop, my bus was pulling away. “Darn,” I said instinctively. And when I realized she was thinking about what to do I said, “The next one will be here in 10 minutes, it’s fine.” But she said, “I think we can catch it,” and she sped up. I started to giggle. “What are you going to do?” I asked. “Pull in front of it?” “I  can beat it to the next bus stop,” she said. I knew I liked her. She’s got moxie. We saw a bus stop so she pulled over. I stepped out of the car and the bus blew by us. “Shoot,” I said. “Apparently, that wasn’t the right one.” Starting to feel self-conscious that we didn’t know what we were getting into now, I jumped back in the car. With our eye on the bus we continued on, wondering where the next stop was. Just then, we saw  it was pulling over at a covered stop. There was a group of people waiting to get on. “I think you can make it,” she said as she pulled in behind it. And as I smiled getting out of the car she said, “Hey, 10 minutes is 10 minutes.” Gotta love a good friend!