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My blog-a-day goal took a dive. Plummeted, really, to invisible depths. I hate that. I never expected 100% perfection, but I honestly thought having the goal would at least keep me writing regularly if not daily. Weird thing…once I missed a day, and then a week, my drive and enthusiasm waned. Confidence that I had anything good to say disappeared. And not surprisingly, my antennae for good ideas retreated into the hinterlands. I stopped the habit of even thinking about what to write. And so I stopped writing altogether.

Then I received an email from an old friend and writing mentor. It was short (fitting…since I remember many writing exercises around the value of being concise). It said simply “write more.” I was on the tail end of an intensive work trip when my phone buzzed with this message. I smiled. And then I began thinking about blogging and the joy of writing. I read one of his recent posts and felt the desire to post again. And so here I am once more.

Thank you, my friend. It was exactly what I needed.