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Sitting outside on the back deck of a former train car now restaurant, sipping on a $1.50 beer, eating cold gazpacho soup and sharing my husband’s nachos was a true delight tonight. Exactly the type of scene I imagined when deciding to move south some three years ago. A large shade tree covered the deck and several people further down in the “beer garden” gathered to chat with friends after work. No need to check our watches or our phones. There was nothing else planned for the night. Our son stopped by to dream dreams with us, which I savored like the satisfying summer fare.  And I loved being outside in shorts and sandal without such energy draining heat as we’ve known of late. We finished, walked to the co-op grocer next door and bought eggs and a fresh cookie for dessert. People moved past each other in a slow, paced rhythm as if the pulse of the world was in sync. It was only about an hour, yet it seemed like so much more. A spontaneous and unexpected weeknight vacation in the south.