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If you’ve read much of my blog…you know I’m working diligently to simplify life. Leo Babauta writes about this a lot and I love his life philosophy. His recent post about tossing productivity out is well worth the read, especially if you’re a Type A like me. The part that resonated with me most was the recommendation to toss out the idea of getting organized. What?! Read on:

Sounds good, but getting organized is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. It does nothing to stop the ship from sinking. Instead, simplify. If you have a desk with 5 things in it, you don’t need to organize. If you have a closet with only a handful of clothes, it doesn’t need a closet organizer. If your day has only one or two appointments, there’s no need for a detailed schedule organizer. Simplifying means making important choices about what’s important, rather than ignoring that question and just trying to cram everything into your day (and space) in a logical way.

Oh I resonate with that! He also talks about ignoring the advice to:

  • keep an idea list
  • set a lot of goals
  • track everything
  • be productive while you’re waiting
  • keep detailed to-do lists
  • work hard with frequent breaks

What, is he spying on me? These are things I’ve intentionally worked hard to learn and do. And yet, it makes sense. Read his blog. Tell me what you think!