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“I miss flowers,” I said as I stood in front of the bouquets strategically placed at the entrance to the fresh produce section of the grocery store. I wasn’t trying to be manipulative (really). I was just thinking out loud. “Get some,” my husband responded sincerely. I hemmed and hawed a minute. Flowers are a luxury and all. Then, very artfully, he started pointing out some beautiful fall-colored Gerber daisys. As soon as I picked them up the vacillating stopped. (I wonder if he felt victorious.) I brought them home and placed them in a glass vase on our bookshelf, a simple arrangement with only 6 flowers and one fern branch. They look beautiful and make me smile each time they catch my eye. Autumn’s bright orange and yellow hues brightening the room lending it an air of understated romance and elegance. And the gift of a genuine and loving nudge from my husband is wrapped in their beauty.