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There’s not enough quiet in this world. For as much as I love talking, laughing, listening to music and generally having fun, there are times when I long for silence. Sitting without hearing motors, music, talking, yelling, phones, televisions, barking, or anything at all. A little quiet stills my mind and reminds me that being busy doesn’t define my worth. It’s time standing still, a moment to soak in and be grateful for all that is good in life. It’s like an anti-Black Friday routine. The rounding out of a full Thanksgiving day. A way to enter the Christmas season without frenzy.

Today, my husband and I are having our coffee in a quiet house. He’s reading, I’m writing. I feel connected to him by a level of comfort where questions don’t need to be asked and conversation can wait (perhaps only women can appreciate this…as most men I know don’t have a problem with silence or less conversation). It’s like sitting in the sun on a winter’s day.¬†Especially during the holiday season, finding such moments can be tough. Yet if this morning is any clue, it will be worth the effort.