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Spontaneity is underrated. And often counterintuitive (isn’t the prudent thing to plan early and often?). But especially after this weekend, I highly recommend it.

It all started when some friends of mine and I decided some months ago that we weren’t getting enough dancing in our lives. There aren’t venues in this college town that cater to 40+ somethings. Seems like every place with music doesn’t get started until 10 or 11 p.m., has crazy loud head-banging music and is filled with people who probably had fake IDs within the last year (or maybe still do).  So….we put our energies into creating our own dance party. We rented out a local coffee place, a DJ, bought some beverages and snacks and sent out the Evites. Just for fun, I sent an invitation to a couple who live in Michigan that have been our friends forever. I never expected them to travel for a casual shin-dig in North Carolina, but wanted them to know we were thinking about them.

Two days before the party we got a text that simply said, “R we dancing Saturday night?” Within the hour they’d booked their flights and I had a permanent grin on my face until we met them for drinks late Friday night. It must have been adrenaline that kept me awake. Breakfast at a local deli that makes fabulous southern biscuits, a little shopping, talking and laughing was followed by pedicures for the ladies. Our late afternoon lunch held us over until it was time to dance. And dance we did! For hours.

Celebrating life. Celebrating friendship. Celebrating spontaneity.